Dealing With The Psychology Of Moving

How Do You Deal With The Mental Challenges Of Moving?

Posted by 21st Century Relocations on 2018-09-24


There are two parts to the process of moving - the physical and the psychological. And for every person, the experience of moving is different. The experience depends upon a variety of psychological factors like their willingness to change, how much they moved around as a child, the pace at which they adjust with their surroundings and most importantly, their “why” of moving. For those who move to get away from painful memories or things that no longer fulfil them, moving is comparatively easy than for those who get away as a compulsion.


Here are some tips to make moving “psychologically” easier:


Focus on what you are gaining, than what you are leaving behind.


When we relocate to a new place, memories often play in our minds like a film. We begin to miss what we had and find our current situation uncomfortable. Remember to focus on your “why” of moving, and list down the pros. Understand that you need to give it some time to become comfortable. Psychologists say that the people who do not move or rarely move are frozen by the fear of change. Reward yourself for not having that fear.


Remember, you have yourself.


Elizabeth Stirling, a psychologist who specialises in helping people make life changes in Santa Fe, New Mexico, told the New York Times, No matter how much you move, you still take yourself with you”. You do not leave yourself behind so you are perfectly capable of rebuilding your world and a better one.



Ask for help and accept it.


Most of us don’t ask for help and are often hesitant. Moving is too much of work and cannot be done by one person. Ask for help or an even better option is to hire a professional to handle your relocation like 21st Century Relocations. That way you get time to mentally move, as they take care of the physical part of the moving process. For your peace of mind, let the experts do the work.


Make a list of fun things to do.


Psychology Today says, “Make a list of all the fun things youre going to do in your new city. This will keep you motivated during the hard work.” We suggest, let us do the hard work at 21st Century Relocations. You do the fun things and explore the place you have just moved to.


Carve out time for goodbyes and hellos.


It is best to say goodbyes with some time at your hand so you do not regret it later and your mind feels satisfied. Many people move with guilt or regret in their hearts of not having spent enough time with the ones they were leaving behind. And also, keep aside time to get to know the people in your new neighbourhood. If you hire a relocations professional, you will have a lot of time on your hands to do both.


We make moving happy and easy at 21st Century Relocations.