Why The Relocation Industry Needs Digitisation Post COVID-19

Why The Relocation Industry Needs Digitisation Post COVID-19

COVID-19’s impact has set the world back by $1 trillion in revenue. The relocation industry is also affected. But the pandemic has given a push to technology and digital solutions. While digital transformation was already happening, it will now happen at a much faster pace. Without digitisation, carrying on will be difficult.

Here’s why the relocation industry needs digitisation:

1. To Enhance Customer Experience

In a time when people cannot physically come and visit you, you reach out to them through tools like a website or social media. This increases convenience, allows you to connect with your customers despite it all.

2. For the Streamlining of Work Processes

Use of automation, AI, machine learning etc. will minimise errors and increase speed. Do you often think that your business could be more organised? That’s possible with digitisation.

3. To Boost Efficiency

About 40% of executives say that operational efficiency is the topmost benefit of digital transformation. Technology can also help boost your overall productivity. That is the need of the day when we are recovering from massive losses.


4. Elevates Brand Reputation 

Your customers understand that you are resilient and can adapt to the changing times. Use of your website and other digital tools to communicate how you are adhering to health and safety measures will boost their confidence in your brand.

5. To Get the Job Done

Empower employees who are working remotely. Use of the cloud, for example, will allow then to access files and applications from anywhere, anytime without affecting work.

The relocation industry is going through a major shift and digitisation can make it easier. 21st Century Relocations is ready for it. Contact us for your home, pet, office or any other specialised relocation needs.

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